Marmaris Talk of the Town Show




Have one of the most memorable nights at the lively bars in Marmaris. Its "Marmaris Talk of the Town" show is held in one of Marmaris' most well-known bars.
This tour gives you the amazing experience to witness some of the biggest and most entertaining drag cabarets you'll ever see. It is possible to spend the evening dancing and singing to your favourite songs and enjoy delicious food and drinks on the bar's exclusive beach. It's a hilarious time to blast some music and have a dance party that never stops. Take in a lot of comedy, and laugh out loud at plenty of jokes.
Marmaris Talk Of The Town - Deja vu Cabaret Show
The bustling bar is at the heart of the nightlife. Get ready for a night of fun and excitement in Marmaris and be able to enjoy yourself with a raucous music experience and never-ending entertainment. The bartenders show off their amazing drag shows dressed as gorgeous girls! The evening will give you a lot of memories to bring back home and plenty of fun to discuss for the years to follow. Get ready to party the night away while you sing and dance to your favourite tunes, enjoy the hilarious shows and enjoy the most delicious meal and drinks in the bar. The bar is located on its beach on the Marmaris beachfront, and a bar is a great place for a romantic evening out.
Marmaris Talk of the Town tour cost includes hotel transfers tickets to the Cabaret, a delicious meal, and the first drink of the evening from the bar. The location of"Talk of the Town," the Black Pool Show, "Talk of the Town" is located at Long Beach in Marmaris, one of the bustling bars in Marmaris. The bar's performers will be performing the well-known UK Bobbie Kent International Playgirls, the most entertaining comic drag performance. The actors take to the stage in stunning costumes and offer well-groomed and entertaining comedy. Dress up in a fashionable evening dress and enjoy the laughter and a mouthwatering food of chicken and chips with salads and the local drinks available. The duration of the tour is four hours; however, you'll have a lot of memories to keep and cherish for years to come!

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    Talk of the Town Tour ITINERARY
  • Hotel Transfer Included
  • A comfortable and free hotel transfer includes the Marmaris Talk of the Town Tours Program. We will pick you up from your hotel within Marmaris and Icmeler and then take you on a ride to The Talk of the Town Bar. After the program, you can remain and enjoy the evening in the bar on the beachfront or go to the hotel via our transfer service for free.

  • Deja Vu Show
  • Marmaris Talk of the Town has presented brand new shows since its beginnings and is now ready for another run. Talk of the Town has been on the air in Marmaris for over 19 years, presenting numerous shows throughout the many years. Talk of the Town has given its audiences an enjoyable evening to remember thanks to its glitter feathers and dancers. The cast members take to the screen and stage with their extraordinary talents and impressive professionalism. The well-known 'Deja Vu Show' stars such as Raunchy Rusty, aka Simon Maxwell, Ms Vanity Case, who is Gary Podmore and Ms Lucy Luscious, who is also known as Joshua Stanfield, will be sharing the stage with the original dancers of TOTT and Mr Tom Nugent and Mr Jason Jones. "Talk of the town" has gained popularity in Marmaris because of all the right reasons. People who frequent Marmaris should go on this tour now and again. It is a huge hit the spectacle. There is no need to wait in line to buy tickets at the local book shops, holiday reps or an office for bookings located on the beachfront. We will arrange the tickets for guests who are booking this tour. The bar is situated in the centre of town, and we will make sure that you arrive right on time! Transfers are provided between and to the bar from your place where you'll be staying.
    We are looking forward to meeting you all and invite you to join us to have a great time and add that special sparkle to your vacation!

  • Fun Must Go On
  • The show is over. For the entertaining show, you have the option to remain at the bar and continue the fun or get back to your hotel via our comfortable and free transfer service.

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