Fethiye Paragliding Tour




Fethiye Baba Dagi is our base of operations. After a drive of two hours, you will arrive in Fethiye. The group of tour guides is enjoying their leisure time in the blue lagoon; you'll depart at Baba Dagi and fly over the blue lagoon. You'll meet with the group and travel towards the sakli kent gorge when you have finished the flight. A lunch buffet will be available at the arrival. After lunch, you will get around an hour and 30 minutes to explore the famous canyon. Then, you'll drive towards your lodging.
Have you ever imagined taking off in the sky? If so, you can turn that dreams into reality by joining the Marmaris Paragliding Tour. Paragliding is a great way to be on top of the planet. It is a sensation that will leave you speechless! Because Fethiye is the only place to paraglide in the town, we recommend Fethiye for our clients as being the closest location for paragliding.
Discover Fethiye Blue Lagoon by taking a free flight of more than 1000 meters above the ground. With our Marmaris paragliding trip, you'll be in the safety of a highly skilled instructor. This tour offers a fantastic opportunity to experience all that you can get from a vacation in moderate weather, white sandy beaches, and blue water in the Mediterranean sea. You don't have anything to worry about since the weather will never be too rough and guarantees a smooth glide across Fethiye Blue Lagoon.
If you want to enjoy a memorable flight, take a look at your Marmaris Paragliding Tour. In the end, you'll be flying with the help of a qualified pilot, and you will not have anything to be concerned about when you fly. The flight itself is approximately one-half hour. This paragliding experience you'll never forget.
We don't consider you being treated like tourists on our paragliding trip. We consider you to be an aviation student or an adventurer seeking freedom. When you take our paragliding adventure, you can take in Fethiye from a new perspective, the bird's-eye perspective. Paragliding is a great activity perfect for all.

  • Free Hotel Transfer
  • When you book our travel services on our website, Our hotel transfer services are at no cost! We can arrange free hotel transfers in our cleanest and most comfortable vehicles. When any pre-arranged tours begin, we will be waiting with our car to take you right to the main entry point of the hotel you are staying in. After our tour, we ensure that you return to your home with ease and safety.
    The hotel transfer services include hotels that are located in Marmaris & Icmeler. If you're on the other the area of Marmaris and Icmeler, you must call us to discuss the possibility of an additional charge to arrange the transport.

  • Guided Tour
  • Guided Tours certainly help you discover more about the destinations you'll visit in Fethiye. We organize great guided tours to all of the destinations on our list. Our certified guides and who are at your disposal have professional degrees from the most reputable universities in Turkey. They are knowledgeable of the geography and the history, culture, and the society of the areas they travel to. They're also trained to share their expertise with you in an enjoyable way. Along with sharing unique information about a particular place, the tour guides also advise things to do' and the things not to do.

  • Hotel Transfer
  • After driving for two hours, you'll arrive in Fethiye. Fethiye Baba Dagi is our starting point.

  • Instructions
  • The instructors in the camp base will give you important guidelines on paragliding. All the details about the best practices and what not to do are given to our guests.

  • Take Off
  • With our expert pilots, you can take from Fethiye Babadagi up to 1000 meters high. Be assured that you're in good hands. Just take in the beautiful scenery.

  • DVD
  • When the tour is over, you can purchase your photos and films on a DVD if you're satisfied with the tour.

  • Lunch
  • The lunch will take place in an area near the next destination of the trip. The restaurant will cook delicious buffets with a variety of appetizers salads along with rice, fish, or chicken.

  • Saklikent Gorge
  • Saklikent Gorge is the second destination of this tour. The gorge is among the deepest and longest in Europe, and because of its impressive shape, it will leave you stunned from the beginning. Additionally, the gorge has been designated as an official national park in Turkey. With a tour guide, you'll have the chance to explore the canyon and discover its mysteries. The scenery is perfect for capturing some stunning images.

  • Return to Marmaris
  • Return in Marmaris is scheduled for the afternoon. After a two-hour road journey, you'll be to your lodging a euphoric feeling and full of wonderful memories.

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