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Join our spectacular all-day Marmaris Rhodes Day Trip as part of your summer vacation to Marmaris. The Marmaris Rhodes Day Trip gives you a chance to see Greece from Marmaris and return the same day! We begin our trip at 7:30 a.m. and aim to be back in Marmaris by 18:00. You can enter the Rhodes Islands right away if you have a valid Schengen Visa. If you have a British passport or EU passport, you don't need a visa.
We provide speed catamarans with powerful engines for you to travel from Marmaris to Rhodes in the shortest possible time. In reality, travelling from Marmaris to Rhodes takes barely over 45 minutes, making it an easy option.
Rhodes, a breathtaking island town with a long and illustrious history, is one of the world's most known landmarks. It has several tourist attractions and a wide range of local businesses. The Grand Master's Palace, St. Paul Church, Temple of Aphrodite, Freedom Gate museums, and other historic sites are among the island's attractions.
After you get down from the catamaran in Rhodes, you will have approximately six hours to explore the island and discover its interesting local businesses. The town's restaurants offer some of the finest food in this region of Europe. In comparison with Turkey, however, the prices are a touch more expensive.
Bring your camera; this area is packed with fascinating monuments and incredible statues! These photographs may be used as a memory of the trip. Keep your passport secure and display it when police or security personnel request it.
The alcoholic beverages sold at duty-free shops are considerably cheaper in Greece than in Turkey. Bring some Euros with you; they'll come in handy while you shop and dine here. Our exciting Marmaris Rhodes Day Trip may enhance the excitement of your current Marmaris holiday by providing a unique experience.

  • Daily Trip to Rhodes Island
  • The island of Rhodes in Greece is known for its history and beauty. Here's a shortlist of the many things to see in the ancient town on a day trip from Marmaris to Rhodes.

  • Acropolis in Rhodes
  • Rhodes's ancient city, also known as the Acropolis, dates back to the Classical Greek Period. It is part of a large archaeological park that covers 12,500 square meters and includes the Temple of Apollo, Athena Polias, and Zeus Polieus, among other things.
    Archaeological Museum of Rhodes
    The museum, located in the medieval Hospital of the Knights Hospitaller Order of Saint John, was built in 1489 by the Grand Master d' Aubusson.

  • 9D Cinema in Rhodes Throne of Helios
  • 9d Cinema in Rhodes is The Throne of Helios is a modern entertainment centre that integrates a museum cinema hall and a thematic park.
    Grand Master of the Knights is the place for knights.
    The medieval castle of Castello, also known as Castellon, is an exceptional example of Gothic architecture in Greece. This castle was previously a fortress for the Knights Hospitaller and an earlier headquarters and a royal residence.

  • Elli Beach
  • The Elli Beach is located near Mandraki and is close to the village. According to some visitors, this is one of the most lovely beaches in the Mediterranean.
    Medieval Clock Tower:
    The old town has one of the most remarkable buildings, dating from the 7th century. Following the 1851 earthquake, it was rebuilt and is open to visitors daily.

  • Ancient Stadium
  • This ancient stadium, built on top of the Temple of Apollo in the ancient city, is about 600 feet long. Even today, a portion of it is well-preserved and most remarkable artwork from across this region have been unearthed by archaeologists.

  • Food Options in Rhodes
  • In Rhodes, you'll discover a plethora of exciting eateries. These restaurants provide diverse dishes, from Greek cuisine to French and Chinese continental cuisines.

  • Public Transportation in Rhodes
  • Rhodes has one of Greece's most efficient public transportation systems, thanks to an extensive network of excellent roads and consistent service. However, we advise our tourists to make the most of Rhodes' taxi services since you have only 6 hours on your own on the island.

  • Shopping in Rhodes
  • Despite its tiny size, there is a significant market opportunity on this island. The modern city of Rhodes is a busy commercial centre with fashions ranging from basics to the most lavish. To attract tourists, shops in the old town stay open late at night along the New and Old Town streets. One may purchase jewellery, souvenirs, ethnic goods, ceramics, fashionable and expensive clothing on these sidewalks.

  • Place of the Grand Master of the Knights
  • The medieval castle of Castello, also known as Castellon, is an exceptional example of Gothic architecture in Greece. This castle was previously a fortress for the Knights Hospitaller and an earlier headquarters and a royal residence.

  • Duty-Free & Port Taxes
  • When you book a Marmaris Rhodes Ferry Ticket with us, the port taxes are included in the price. As a result, you won't have to pay extra money for port duties.
    Another benefit of visiting Rhodes is that you may stop at the duty-free shops on the way back or arrival, but keep in mind that you are limited to bringing alcohol, cigarettes, and tobacco products into Turkey. There are two duty-free stores located both on Turkish and Greek sites. However, it is preferable to do your shopping on the way back because they don't have to carry everything around with them. We recommend purchasing alcoholic beverages and perfume items at a Greek duty-free since Turkey's prices are about two times that.

  • Who Needs Schengen Visa (Marmaris / Rhodes Day Trip)
  • There are specific visa requirements when visiting Greece from Turkey. Those countries that need a visa but are not included here are most European nations (members of the European Council). United Kingdom (England, Scotland, and Ireland), Northern Ireland, Holland, France, Germany, Belgium, the United States of America, Australia, Israel, Italy, Canada, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Japan, Poland and other countries do not require a visa for day excursions or any different sort of visit.

  • Casino Rhodes
  • With its Old Town and Byzantine monuments, Rhodes is renowned not only for its history but also its beauty. Rhodes has a lot of restaurants, little shops and entertainment centres that will keep you from becoming bored. One of the most popular Casinos in Rhodes is Casino Rhodes. Casino Rodos is a casino on the island of Rhodes, which is locally known as Casino Rodos. The Grande Albergo Delle Rose Boutique Hotel complex, along with this building, is located on the northern tip of Rhodes Island. Casino Rhodes is only a five-minute drive from the town's port and is close to many of the town's top sights, including Medieval Town, Mandraki Harbor, and the Aquarium. Many other museums and art galleries may be seen nearby.

  • Free Hotel Transfer
  • While you arrange for our travel services online, our hotel transfer services are complimentary! Our most well-kept and comfy vehicles are used for free hotel transfers. We are ready to pick you up at the main entrance of your hotel as soon as any of the planned excursions begin. We ensure that you return home safely and comfortably at the end of the trip. All the hotel transfer services cover only the hotels in Marmaris and Icmeler. If you are staying outside of Marmaris or Icmeler, please inform us because there will be an additional charge for the transfer.

    Marmaris Rhodes Daily Trip Itinerary
  • Arrival at Marmaris Port & Boarding Cards
  • The majority of the public sites near your hotels are accessible via shared transportation. There are no hotel transfers on our Marmaris Rhodes Day Trip, but the facility is available to the majority of the visitors to those areas. Our guides meet you at your accommodation, take your passport information, and inform you where to catch a shuttle bus to get to the port. To make the most of our time, we begin early. When we arrive at the port first thing is to acquire our boarding cards.

  • Passport Control & Customs
  • Firstly, you should go directly to passport control and customs after receiving your boarding cards. There are no seat numbers; you are free to select any of the available seats on the boat.

  • Explore Rhodes
  • We reach Rhodes and go through customs again after an hour of sailing. There are no guided excursions available in Rhodes; however, you may participate in one by purchasing them aboard. The well-known port is close to the city's historic centre. You have about 6 hours of free time to explore the town of Rhodes and its attractions. There are several fascinating locations to see in Rhodes, and this will be a great day out.
    You can find many different restaurants serving authentic local food in Rhodes; you can choose the one you like most. There are also many tiny shops in the old town, and we are sure they will please you.

  • Return to Marmaris
  • We sail back from Rhodes to Marmaris and of the day.

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