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Have you ever dreamed of being up in the sky seeing the sunrise? The Pamukkale Balloon Tour allows you to join an incredible hot air balloon adventure and create unforgettable memories. This trip takes you to Pamukkale and will enable you to explore stunning sights, get spectacular panoramic views, and spend unique times with your friends or family.
The Pamukkale Balloon Tour starts at 4 a.m. The vehicle will arrive at your accommodation in Marmaris and pick you up, which is comfortable, fully air-conditioned, and pleasant. The trip from Marmaris to Pamukkale takes around three hours, and a tour guide will inform you along the way.

Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon From Marmaris

After you've arrived in Pamukkale, the vehicle will take you to the hot air balloon station. Professional pilots will inflate the balloon during this time, allowing you to snap some photographs. The pilots will then go through all of the essential safety information and other final details of this journey. Please be ready for a unique and memorable experience as soon as getting into the basket.
The flight lasts around one hour. It is, however, dependent upon the weather and the wind's direction. As the rising sun in front of your eyes begins to fill your body with feelings, you will supply yourself with a distinct combination of emotions. In Pamukkale, you may have an alternative sightseeing experience while onboard the plane. You will see from above the Cotton Castle, which is known for its thermal springs, and Hierapolis (which today bears his name).
On the final approach, a special ceremony takes place. It is customary to toast each journey with a glass of champagne. Have some fun taking photographs and feeling good about this amazing accomplishment. The pilots make you flight certificates to commemorate the event for all time. You'll have your supper before returning to Marmaris after your hot air balloon excursion.
You will return to your hotel full of long-lasting memories and good feelings after the 3-hour car journey.

  • Free Hotel Transfer
  • Get a free hotel transfer to see a spectacular and towering sunrise over Pamukkale's most famous sights. The Marmaris Balloon Trip is an excellent excursion for individuals searching for something unique yet fun to do on their holiday. Take in the stunning scenery, continue with an alternative sightseeing tour, and enhance your trip by participating in this one-of-a-kind, memorable Balloon Trip in Pamukkale.
    While you make reservations for our travel services online, our hotel transfer services are complimentary! We provide free hotel transfers in the most convenient and comfortable vehicles. Our minibus is available to pick you up at the hotel's main entrance, where you stay as soon as any of the prearranged tours begin. At the end of the trip, we ensure that you get back home safely and comfortably.
    The hotels' transfer services cover only Marmaris and Icmeler. If you stay outside of Marmaris or Icmeler, there will be additional transportation charges.

    Marmaris Balloon Tour Itinerary

  • Pickup
  • The activity begins before dawn. You'll be picked up by a comfortable and contemporary vehicle from your lodging in Marmaris on a set timetable. All required transfers are made with a pleasant bus, and the transfer charge is included in the experience fee.

  • Road Trip To Pamukkale
  • The journey to Pamukkale takes around 3 hours. Relax in the heated seats or admire the tranquillity of the countryside during the early morning hours.

  • Professional Pilots
  • When you arrive at the Pamukkale hot air balloon station, professional pilots and instructors will come over to meet you. They'll be preparing the balloon for takeoff, so go ahead and take some pictures while they're doing it. After they've given you all the information you need, they'll help you get into the basket.

  • The Flight
  • When the hot air balloon begins to lift off of the ground, you'll feel your heart start to pound. Depending on the weather conditions, the flight may last an hour or more. During the first minutes, you may enjoy the breathtaking colours of sunrise as it rises. The scenery is charming and stunning.
    The trip allows you to see the most significant sites in Pamukkale from above. During the flight, you'll be able to view the Cotton Castle, adjacent thermal springs, and the ancient city of Hierapolis.

  • Champagne Toast
  • The hot air balloon will begin following a landing mode as soon as it reaches the ground. A celebration follows to make your experience even more thrilling and unforgettable. Toast to your success with champagne, have some fun with your friends or family and celebrate your accomplishment.

  • Free Time In Pamukkale
  • After your flight, the driver will transport you to Pamukkale for free. You'll have free time to explore Pamukkale in this period.

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