Marmaris Aqua Dream Park




Aqua Dream Water Park is the biggest and most exciting water park surrounding Marmaris. The water park is situated on the top of a hill, giving breathtaking landscapes of nature and Marmaris, a town you'll adore for the rest of your life. The large park features 9 different slides with varying intensity and is a great place to spend time with children, friends and family. Over 44.000 sq m, Aqua Dream Water Park Marmaris is a refreshing spot to visit for a refreshing escape from the hot temperatures in Turkey. The park is open to everyone of all ages. It has the most diverse slides that you can take your group and your family to take pleasure in. Kids will enjoy this park the most. There's a lot to do. Wild Rafting Slide, Free Fall, Aqua Tower, Multi Slide, Black Hole, Kamikaze, Wave Pool, Kids Pool and the Swimming Pools in the park will keep you entertained throughout the day.
Aqua Dream Water Park is equipped to meet your needs. We have all the equipment to ensure you are safe on the water rides and the pools in the park. The Lifeguards at the water park are there to ensure the safety of your children and are available to assist you. The park is equipped with private changing rooms where you can dress to suit the occasion, lockers and security safe deposit boxes to secure your valuables. There are clean shower rooms and toilets that are available in the park. The cafeteria and restaurant in the park provide the best food and snacks you can ever find in the park. The park also houses two bars in its perimeter. Sun chairs and umbrellas are on hand for those who want to relax on the side of the pool. We're sure you'll enjoy every minute of your time in Aqua Dream Marmaris. Aqua Dream Water Park Marmaris will remember the thrilling enjoyment and excitement for years after returning to your home country.

  • Safe Boxes or Lockers
  • On this trip, you will have lockers or safe deposit boxes to you so that you can put valuable personal items and belongings in lockers.

  • Free Hotel Transfer
  • When you book our travel services on the internet, Our hotel transfer services are at no cost! We can arrange free hotel transfers using our most well-maintained and comfortable vehicles. When any scheduled tours start, we're ready in our car to take you up at the main entry point of the hotel that you stay at. When you are done with your tour, we will ensure that you safely and comfortably return to your hotel. The hotel transfer services include hotels that are located in Marmaris & Icmeler. If you're on the other the area of Marmaris and Icmeler, you must call us to discuss the possibility of there being an additional cost to transfer you.


  • Arrival at Marmaris Aqua Dream Waterpark
  • Aqua Dream Water Park Marmaris is a great place to play and relax with your children, friends and family. This park opens from 10 am until 6:00 pm and hosts five sessions every day. It is possible to plan a visit to the park on your own time at any time during the sessions. We can arrange for comfortable hotel transfers from the residence to the park according to the schedule you select.

  • 9 Different Slides
  • Aqua Dream Water Park, which is located in Marmaris. It's the biggest water park within and the vicinity of Marmaris. It is located on the top of a hill. It has an impressive set of slides that are 9 in all. There are also amazing views of the city from this point. The 9 slides offer the user a variety of excitement and intensity. We will take all the required safety measures as you play at the parks. Have fun fully when you're at the park.

  • Facilities at the Waterpark
  • It is Aqua Dream Water Park equipped with all the amenities for those who visit the park. Includes changing cabins for showers, lockers, safety storage boxes, toilets, bars, restaurants, and cafeterias. It is possible to change your clothes to enjoy the water in a private setting and put your valuables into safe deposit boxes and lockers. After a day of fun, you can rest at the cafeteria, restaurant or bar.

  • Wave Pool
  • It's one of the most enjoyable activities in the water park. The wave pool begins at 13:30. The realistic waves within the pool provide you with an experience as if you are on the sea. The water in the pools and the slides are routinely cleaned and bleached to maintain an environment that is clean and safe.

  • Foam Party
  • The foam party begins at 15:00 at the Water Park. You can dance and play around with your family and friends at the foam parties. There's so much fun and excitement that you'll never feel at a loss within the parks.

  • Transfer Back to Your Hotel
  • The return transfer starts at 15:00 and is repeated every half hour. The shuttle buses are organized to return you to your hotel without cost.

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