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Marmaris Turkish Night is an unforgettable excursion for anyone who enjoys belly dancing as well as songs from folklore, Turkish food, and plenty of wine! It's also an evening show that includes traditional Turkish ceremonies, folk dances, and performers performing fascinating actions adorned in vibrant costumes. The Marmaris Turkish Night at the Kervansaray is a great night with good things to offer! There's everything you need to make your Night out an unforgettable one. There's lots of entertainment, including belly dance and folk shows, big entertainment, as well as delicious Turkish food and dancing until you're full! Get unlimited access to beer, local wine, and soft drinks during the event, which is included in the tour price.

Marmaris Turkish Night Show

We will serve you a delicious Turkish dinner served with Meze and other cold appetizers and a main meal consisting of rice, chicken, and salads. After dinner, you can enjoy one of the freshest, juiciest fruits of the season specially selected to be enjoyed by you. The stage is ready for one of the most vivid spectacles you'll ever see and everywhere else. The show features belly dance and the traditional Turkish wedding, traditional folk music, and performances by musicians dressed in colorful costumes from all over Turkey. You'll be amazed by the dance of the sole male belly dancer during the show. This show at the Marmaris Turkish Night Show at Kervansaray is a treat for the senses, and you shouldn't skip it when there in Marmaris!
If you've never attended the Turkish Night, we strongly suggest you book this trip! It's a fun evening that includes belly dancers (Female and Male) and folk dances, Turkish food, and plenty of winnings. There's only one venue to go in Marmaris for the Turkish Night Show called "Kervansaray." Make reservations with us, and you won't spend more money for the same venue and services.

  • All-Inclusive Tour
  • The package is an inclusive trip provided by Get Marmaris Tours. In this tour, all beverages and meals are included in the price, which means you won't have to shell out any extra. The complete information regarding drinks and food options, whether included or not, are provided on the tour page by itself. Be aware that the information listed on the tour's website will be mailed to you when you make your reservation. These details will appear on your voucher for the tour.

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    The hotel transfer services include hotels that are located in Marmaris & Icmeler. If you're on the other from Marmaris or Icmeler, you must inform us of this as there may be an additional charge to arrange the transport.

  • The arrival to Kervensaray and Turkish Night will start.
  • The tour begins with a free hotel shuttle service. We'll pick you up from your accommodation at about 19:30 hours. The Kervansaray is among the top spots in Marmaris to enjoy the excitement that is Turkish Nights.
    Folk dances of different kinds from all over the country.
    The moment the party gets underway as the party begins, you'll see the Turkish tradition unfold before your eyes. We've put together for you the unique folk dances from throughout Turkey. The performances, such as belly dance shows and the reconstruction of an old Turkish wedding, traditional performers of Anatolia, and folk performers wearing vibrant costumes make the show.
    Dinner and Drinks are included with the program.
    As the show progresses and begins, we will serve you tasty mezes and cold starters and then rice, chicken, and salads as the main dish. Take advantage of this vibrant evening featuring big music, lots of dancing, and plenty of entertainment. In addition to the delicious Turkish food, you will also be able to take advantage of an endless supply of local beers, wine, and soft drinks, all of which are included in the tour price.

  • Traditional Turkish Wedding
  • It's an exciting aspect of the evening show. Alongside the lively belly dance and other traditional entertainment, the traditional Turkish wedding offers guests a glimpse of Turkish tradition. The specifics of the ceremony include the groom's shaving and the henna ceremony for the bride.

  • Belly Dancers
  • Belly dancing is the primary highlight of the evening performance at Kervansaray. The dance routine, in the end, is an interaction with guests. The performers ask guests to mimic and follow along with their dance. The entire crowd swells into a burst of raucous laughter. Are you waiting for a surprise? We also have one of our male belly dancers in the show!

  • Shows Ends & Transfer Back to Hotels
  • This beautiful nighttime show is scheduled to end around 23:30. The show will end when we arrange to take you back to where you are staying using our free hotel transfer service.

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