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Explore your inner explorer and be awed by the breathtaking natural beauty Fethiye is blessed with. Our stunning Marmaris Fethiye Tour is what you're seeking to explore and visit Fethiye. An ambience of relaxation and exotic turquoise water, stunning spectacular views and breathtaking landscapes are all perfectly integrated with a unique tour that takes you from Marmaris through Fethiye.
This full-day tour will begin in the early morning. A fully air-conditioned well-appointed bus is scheduled to be waiting to pick you up from your hotel in Marmaris. A professionally trained driver and an official tour guide are the ones who will ensure an enjoyable day excursion. You should note that the travel distance from Marmaris to Fethiye is around 130Km, so 2 hours.
Marmaris Fethiye Tour begins with visiting one of the stunning beaches in the world. It's Blue Lagoon will take your breath away with its pebbly landscape and crystal clear waters. The bay is surrounded by high and towering mountains, creating a stunning scene unlike any other. Two hours of unrestricted time is available for visitors to enjoy. During this time, you can take a dip, relax and soak in the sun, snap photographs or stroll around to explore the region. One of the most effective methods to appreciate and observe the beautiful Blue Lagoon is to watch it from above by taking an adrenaline-filled paragliding adventure for a fee. Tour guides can help you to take part in this thrilling adventure.

  • Fethiye Tour From Marmaris
  • The bus will then proceed to Saklikent Gorge. When you arrive, lunch is served before going to the canyon, in a local restaurant where you can enjoy an all-inclusive lunch buffet that includes salads, starters, rice, chicken or fish. After the lunch hour, you'll be taken to the gorge with your tour guide to explore the national park for a few hours. It is important to note that Saklikent Gorge forms Turkey's longest and deepest gorge. It is also named one of the longest in Europe, the European continent. Prepare to explore this area and marvel at the beauty of nature that it displays. The peaceful atmosphere and majestic canyon will impress visitors and cause them to feel are overwhelmed.
    After the journey through the gorge is finished, you return to the bus to go back. The drive will last roughly two hours. The entire day's trip will conclude when you return to the accommodation you booked in Marmaris.

  • Guided Tour
  • Guided Tours certainly help you learn more about the locations you'll visit in Fethiye. We offer fantastic guided tours of every place that are on our list. Our guides are certified, and on your side are certified professionals from the most reputable universities in Turkey. They have a vast understanding of the geography and the history, culture, and social structure of the cities they travel to. They are also well-trained to impart their expertise to the guests in a delightful way. In addition to sharing the unique expertise of a specific place, the tour guides also advise you on things to do' and the things not to do.

  • Free Hotel Transfer
  • If you purchase our travel services on the internet, Our hotel transfer services are at no cost! We can arrange free hotel transfers in our cleanest and most comfortable vehicles. If pre-arranged tours begin, we will be prepared with our vehicle to take you to the main entrance to the hotel that you stay at. When you are done with our tour, we ensure that you get back to your home safely and comfortably.
    All of the Otel transfer services include hotels that are located in Marmaris & Icmeler. If you're on the other the area of Marmaris and Icmeler, you must inform us of this as there may be an additional charge to transfer you.

  • Pick Up
  • When you have scheduled your morning, A modern and comfortable car will arrive at the hotel in Marmaris to collect you. Make sure you are ready for the full-day excursion to Fethiye commences!

  • Our Driver & Guide
  • Distance between Marmaris and Fethiye is about two hours. But our experienced driver can make the journey comfortable and enjoyable. An experienced tour guide will be available to help you during the trip.

  • Blue Lagoon
  • The day's excursion includes a visit to the well-known Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is ranked among the top beaches on earth because of its stunning scenery and clean waters. The bay will allow you to stay for two hours the chance to enjoy whatever you want. At this time, you can enjoy a dip in the stunning sea that lies in the Mediterranean Sea or walk around and relax in the tranquillity in the tranquil bay.

  • Paragliding
  • For those who want to enjoy their time differently in the Blue Lagoon area, there is a possibility of paragliding. Tour guides can help you in the registration and ticketing process. Paragliding permits participants to take in stunning views of the bay. You should note that this activity is not requiring prior experience.

  • Lunch
  • A lunch buffet will be provided near the next stop on this journey. The restaurant will cook an excellent buffet that includes dishes, including salads, starters and rice, and fish or chicken.

  • Saklikent Gorge
  • Saklikent Gorge is the second location of the excursion. The gorge is among the deepest and longest in Europe, and because of its impressive shape, it will leave you in awe from the initial moments. Furthermore, the gorge is designated as the national park of Turkey. With a tour guide, you'll be able to discover the gorge and discover its mysteries. The scenery is perfect for stunning photos.

  • Return Back
  • Return in Marmaris is scheduled in the afternoon. After a two-hour drive trip, you'll return to your hotel feeling of sweet exhaustion and full of wonderful memories.

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