Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Trip




Marmaris Cleopatra Island Cruise Trip It is an unforgettable 8-hour trip that takes you from Marmaris to the tranquil and stunning destinations you'll ever have to see on this planet. The trip begins with a drive of 20 minutes through the picturesque countryside until Camli, which is a town located 17 km away from Marmaris. From there, we board the two-decked Turkish boat that sails through Gokova Gulf. Gokova Gulf, then take two amazing swim breaks between and then enjoy a delicious barbecue lunch and give you a 2 hour longer time to wander around and enjoy Cleopatra Beach. We will stop for a 45-minute swim at the magnificent Lighthouse Island.
The Aegean Sea is famous for its clear, crystal-clear waters and stunningly tranquil beaches. While our boat is moving from Camli, we will take swimming breaks in two distinct locations: Ince Kum bay and at Laciver Koy. These are great spots for snorkelling and swimming. From here, we travel towards Cleopatra Island, where a BBQ lunch is waiting for our guests. After lunch, you will visit the famous island called Cleopatra. There will be 2 hours of free time to stroll on the beautiful sandy beach or swim or take a snorkelling trip on Cleopatra's island. The amphitheatre and fortifications that surround the ancient cities of Cedrea, together with the stunning scenery of the majestic mountains and the dazzling aquamarine seas of Cleopatra Bay, are a great attraction.
Cleopatra Island is known for its pink-coloured sands that make a sound when you walk on them. The island is believed to have been the secret location for a meeting between Queen Cleopatra and Marcous Antonyous. In awe of the stunning beauty of the setting and the tranquillity of the island, queen Cleopatra would visit this spot over and over. Marcous Antonyous, to please his beloved and make the island more stunning by importing Sands from northern Africa. The sands you'll find in this area aren't found anywhere else. It is a protected natural park, and nobody is permitted to disturb or remove the sand out of the area. If you walk around barefoot on this beautiful shoreline, the soft sand is squeaking beneath your feet. It's like he is walking on cloudy ground! It's an amazing sensation that words cannot describe.

  • Guided Tour
  • Guided Tours certainly help you learn more about the locations you'll be visiting around Marmaris. We offer great guided tours to all of the destinations on our list. Our certified guides and who are at your disposal have professional degrees from several of the most respected universities in Turkey. They are extremely knowledgeable of the geography and culture, history, and the society of the areas they guide you. They're also trained to share their expertise with you in an enjoyable way. Along with sharing the unique expertise of a specific place, the tour guides also advise you on things to do' and the things not to do.

  • Our Boats
  • Get Marmaris Tours has 4 boats that are in operation. They also work with the top suppliers in the town should you require. The boats we employ are well-equipped and maintained. Each one is equipped with modern toilets and showers available during the trip. We adhere to the highest standards of safety and health rules in Turkey. Our boats are all insured and are regularly inspected by the Turkish Coast Guard. We have classic 3 or 2 decked boats for our daily boat trips around town. Upstairs, we have sunbeds that allow you to enjoy the sun's rays during the daylight hours. The downstairs area is furnished with benches and tables used to serve the lunch menu. The guests who aren't fans of the sun's rays can also take advantage of the shaded downstairs.

  • Non Swimmers Welcomed
  • Non-swimmers are also welcome on the board. There is no requirement to be a great swimmer to participate in this excursion. There are life jackets and noodles available for non-swimmers. You can utilize these items without cost. We have a huge ladder located at the back of the boat, which you can go between the boat and your home. Anyone who isn't a swimmer can participate in this excursion with confidence.

  • Free Hotel Transfer
  • When you book our travel services on the internet, Hotel transfer services are at no cost! We can arrange free hotel transfers using our most well-maintained and comfortable vehicles. If a pre-arranged tour starts, we're prepared with our vehicle to meet you at the main entry point of the hotel that you stay at. When you are done with our tour, we make sure that you get back to your home with ease and safety. All of the Otel transfer services are available to hotels that are located in Marmaris & Icmeler. If you're staying outside from Marmaris or Icmeler, you must call us to discuss the possibility of there being an additional cost to arrange the transport.

  • Marmaris Cleopatra Island
  • Marmaris Cleopatra, often referred to as Sedir Island, is a tiny island located in the Gulf of Gokova. The island is famous for beaches made of seashells. Legend has it that Marcous Antonyous had specially ordered the organic sand delivered by ships coming from to the Red Sea for his lover Cleopatra. The legend says that Marcous Antonyous and Cleopatra had once been swimming around the island. The kind of sand that is only found in Egypt. Every grain of this particular sand is a perfect circle, and the government heavily secures the beach.
    The legendary Island of Cleopatra in Marmaris
    Marmaris Cleopatra Island is the site of the ancient cities of Cedreae (Krai). This city's ancient site is an ancient Temple of Apollo, the theatre, and remnants of the cemetery. Walls surround the city; Kedrai was an important human settlement located opposite Rhodes Island. Its Temple of Apollo has been constructed in the style of the -Doric. Kedrai can be described as one of the three major cities in the Marmaris-Bozburun area with an old theatre. The theatre of the past can be located on the northern side of the island. The theatre faces north. The evidence from the past indicates that Kedrai was located on Athens' side throughout the Peloponnesian Wars. Kedrai's inhabitants were semi-barbarians. The city was attacked and taken from Spartan general Lysander. All the residents were forced into slavery following the battle. It is possible to see a variety of olive groves on the island in the present.

  • Cleopatra Beach Marmaris
  • It is believed that Sedir Island has three island units, namely, Palace Island (Cleopatra Island), Central Island and the Small Island. The particles of sand (actually, they are seashells' fossils) found on the Beach of Marmaris Cleopatra Island are extraordinary ones. Scientists say they take millions of years before fossils reach this condition. Seashells are so small and shiny that they look like grains of sand. Sand particles are incredible in that they sound like they are squeaking beneath your feet when you walk around barefoot along the shore. It's like walking in the clouds! At this pristine conservation site, it is not permitted to walk on the beach with slippers or shoes, and you're not permitted to take towels onto the beach. It is not permitted to remove any sand from this location when returning. The island is home to numerous olive trees, and the island has several great spots for swimming, sunbathing and snorkelling. It is also possible to relax and unwind on the ocean's shores.

  • Transfer From Marmaris to Camli Village
  • Camli is a small town just 17 kilometres to the north of Marmaris. The trip on our comfortable minibus that takes you through the stunning landscape of farmlands and pine trees lasts around 20 minutes. Camli is where our boats await you. Our sailing begins through Gokova Gulf.

  • Fine Sand Bay (40 minutes of swimming break)
  • Ince Kum is a national park well-known within the region due to its fine sand and crystal-clear waters. Here is where we begin our first swim break. We are here for about 40 minutes. You can snorkel, swim and have fun to the max.

  • Deep Blue Bay (40 minutes swim break)
  • Deep Blue Bay is the other most popular bay within Gokova Gulf. Waters are deep and appear deep blue, hence their term Deep Blue Bay. Here is a favourite destination for yachts.

  • Touring Cleopatra Island (2 hours)
  • We will reach Cleopatra Island by midday, and delicious, freshly cooked lunch is on the menu. After lunch, the guests can explore the island on foot around the island. Alongside the historical sites and cafeterias, there are a few cafes and restrooms in the vicinity to refresh. It is also a favourite destination, and we will stay for two hours. You can take a swim or sunbathe and then explore the island or the beach where Queen Cleopatra spent her time.

  • Lighthouse Island (40 minutes swimming break)
  • Our final swimming break of the tour. Lighthouse Island is another serene and unspoiled spot within the Gokova Gulf. It forms part of the National Park and is under the supervision of the Turkish government.

  • Return to Marmaris
  • After the tour, the shuttle buses wait to pick us up and transfer our guests safely and comfortably back to their hotel in Marmaris. The duration of this tour is approximately 7 hours, starting from the time of pickup until the time of dropping back our guests back to their hotels.

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