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Marmaris has excellent recreation centres to relax you. One of those locations you must see while in Marmaris is Dolphin Park. Our Swim with Dolphins Marmaris excursions is a fantastic adventure that you will remember for a long time. You have an opportunity to swim and spend some time with Dolphins, 'the Angels of the Ocean.'
The Marmaris Dolphins park is open all year long from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with four sessions each day. You may spend around 30 minutes swimming with the dolphins and see the tour duration is approximately 2 hours from pick-up to drop-off. For your safety, the trainers at Dolphin Park will aid you in receiving any necessary instruction and providing life jackets if required." Dolphins are the most incredible animals on Earth, and human beings are treated with respect by dolphins. Marmaris Dolphin Park is a beautiful location to spend time with your family. The park encourages children to participate in a variety of activities. There's a lot for the kids to enjoy at the park, including swimming with Dolphins! The platform offers an excellent place to see your loved ones swim and interact with dolphins if you don't want to swim with them yourself.

  • Instructions
  • During this trip/activity, our representatives will go over all the details and information regarding the excursion. If you have any more questions, Please follow all of the rules and instructions for your safety.

  • Free Hotel Transfer
  • Our transfer services are provided for free when you book our travel services over the internet! In our best-kept and most comfortable vehicles, we provide free hotel transfers. At the end of the trip, we make sure that you get back to your home safely and comfortably.
    All of the hotel transfer services cover only the hotels in Marmaris and Icmeler.

  • Marmaris Dolphin Park is open to all non-swimmers.
  • Non Swimmers are also invited to participate in any Dolphin Park program (swim or meet). Non-swimmers may participate in this trip with confidence. Please carefully read each tour page and ensure that you agree with the limitations listed.

  • Hotel Transfer
  • A comfortable hotel transfer begins our 'Swim with Dolphins Marmaris Tour Program.' The Dolphin Park is open all year and has four sessions a day between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., depending on the time you select. Our well-kept vehicles pick you up from your hotel and transport you to the Dolphin Park based on your requirements.

  • Instructions
  • After you've arrived at the Dolphin Park, a dolphin trainer goes over all the rules and regulations. The rules are in place for the protection of our patrons and the dolphins. We urge visitors to adhere to a few fundamental principles while visiting the park so that they may fully appreciate its beauty.

  • Getting Ready
  • Before entering the park, apply no sun cream, sunblock oils, or other chemicals/lotion before going in. There are changing rooms at the park to modify and prepare for your swim session, and a life jacket is provided to you during the swim lesson.

  • Swim With Dolphins Marmaris
  • This is a unique experience with the 'Angels of the Sea.' When you kiss, dance, and swim with the dolphins, you'll have a lot of fun. The pool instructors assist you in gently interacting with the dolphins. The belly ride with the dolphins is the most thrilling activity available. With the dolphins, you will spend roughly 30 minutes in the water.

  • See Your Pictures
  • The best way to experience the dolphins is by joining a dolphin swim tour. We will take the photos and videos during your time in the pool playing and swimming with the dolphins. You may view your video and pictures at the end of the trip. You may purchase them as memory on a DVD if you like them.

  • Transfer Back to Your Hotel
  • A tour of about 2 hours is included in the pick-up to drop-off itinerary. We assist our visitors in returning to their hotels in Marmaris/Icmeler after the trip.

  • Our Swim with the Dolphins Tour includes:
  • A luxurious hotel transfer.
    Full insurance.
    Park entry fee.
    The Swim with the Dolphins Program.

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