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Are you looking for some exciting excursions to do in Marmaris? Our Marmaris Diving Tour is the perfect way to feel that coveted "adrenaline rush" sensation! The Mediterranean Sea's warm and crystal clear waters provide ideal diving locations. We offer diving activities for all participants at various skill levels, regardless of whether you're going on a dive or not. You may join our trip and participate in other onboard activities even if you aren't diving.

Perfect Setting for a Diving Tour

Marmaris's beautiful beaches, lush greenery, and incredible underwater beauty make it an ideal location for recreational water activities like diving and snorkelling. The Mediterranean Sea has some of the most transparent seas globally, making it suitable for scuba diving. Areas near Marmaris are popular diving locations in Turkey because of their peaceful bays and clear waters. In Marmaris, there are 32 recognized dive sites. We travel to two of these locations depending on the number of visitors and current weather conditions on our touring day.

Marmaris Scuba Diving Tour

Participants are given a formal list of instructions with a fast track course on diving principles. All of our visitors receive complete information from our trained and certified divers. We take you to your first dive for around twenty minutes in the morning. We have three instructors underwater who keep an eye on and assist our five-six divers in groups.
The first dive is more like a test, allowing you to evaluate what you've learned from the instructors. Our team will teach you to know whether or not you understand sign language and how to use diving equipment properly underwater.
The Second Dive Is a Bit Deeper!
We take a lunch break after the first dive, and we reserve a light lunch of sandwiches at noon, which will be a nice little meal. After this rest, we move you over to the second dive. The trip back takes about 20 minutes this time around. Our instructors will bring you down underwater and go a bit deeper with you this time. This thrilling underwater adventure will have you hooked.

Marmaris Diving Tour is All-Exciting, Yet Cautious

Two dives are included in our Marmaris Diving Tour, each taking up to 20 minutes. We provide you with all of the safety equipment that has been thoroughly tested and certified by professionals. Our gear is designed to be lightweight while still maintaining high safety standards imposed by the Turkish authorities. Every activity on this journey is done with your safety in mind. All equipment, including masks and valves, is double-checked regularly for maximum protection. Non-divers and snorkellers are welcome aboard as well.

  • Instructions
  • This trip/activity will be accompanied by a representative of our company who will go over everything in detail with you and provide you with all the necessary information about the excursion. Please observe all of the restrictions and instructions to ensure your safety.

  • All Diving Equipments
  • All of the diving gear you'll need will be supplied during your Marmaris Diving Tour. Our diving equipment is subjected to rigorous industry standards and straightforward. Instructors will go through all of the necessary details regarding your safety and how to utilize these items. Please be carefully listening to all instructions by your instructors for your protection.

  • Free Hotel Transfer
  • Our complete travel and hotel transfer packages are all affordable, so you can relax about travelling to our wonderful island. We provide free motorcoach transportation from your airport or harbour to our accommodations (at no extra cost). Our best-kept and most comfortable vehicles will take you where you want to go. We're prepared with our car at the hotel's main entrance you stay in at the start of each prearranged tour. After the trip, we ensure that you get back home safely and comfortably.
    The hotel transfer services cater for only Marmaris and Icmeler. There will be an additional cost if you stay outside Marmaris or Icmeler.

  • Marmaris Diving Spots
  • Marmaris has over 50 diving locations in and around it, and with its clear, calm seas, it is the ideal diving destination. You'll be astonished to participate in the undersea dives at Marmaris' finest diving sites in the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. The brilliant blue water of the Mediterranean offers a unique viewing experience.
    Sari Mehmet Cape, Baca (Chimney) Cave, Keci Adasi (Goat Island) Cave, Ince Cape Lighthouse, Hayiti Cape, Abdi Reis Cove, Aksu Cove, Yazih Rock and Kutuk Cape are among the Marmaris Diving Spots that are worth seeing in and around the town. With varying depths of up to 50 meters, these popular Marmaris Diving Spots are ideal for both beginning divers and expert divers. Get a chance to see the magnificent planet that lies beneath the sea by joining one of our diving excursions.

  • Arriving at the Boat & Instructions
  • The Marmaris Diving Tour begins at 9:30 a.m. We'll take you to the Marmaris port in one of our vehicles. After that, we board our lively boat, which cruises among beautiful Mediterranean waters while providing basic instructions via a quick but crucial theory session on underwater diving.

  • First Dive in the Morning
  • After this quick lesson on fundamental diving procedures and the use of safety equipment while diving, our instructors take you to real-world diving at one of the locations. If you're a beginner, this is sort of like a trial dive. Our experts lead underwater dives with the help of 5-6 divers who follow along with their diving gear. The first dive lasts approximately 20 minutes in length.
    Beginners should take breaks in between and plunge deeply only when they feel comfortable doing so. Our instructors are available to you at all times throughout these exciting 20 minutes, assisting you in getting the most out of your first dive.

  • Lunch Break
  • The first dive of our Marmaris Diving Tour is a combination of many activities such as swimming in the calm bays, scuba diving, snorkelling, and sunbathing. It's time for a lunch break after our first dive. The midday meal on our diving tour is basic and light, and we enjoy some tasty sandwiches as a light supper to keep us active throughout the day.

  • Second Dive in the Afternoon
  • We continue sailing and arrive at our second diving location. The first dive provides you with the confidence to enjoy the second without stress. The second dive is more profound, and our instructors will set the diving depth for beginners and experienced divers at 6 meters for now. Our professional diving instructors are always available to assist and guide you at any moment of need. You may explore nearby caves during this excursion, go beneath the water's surface, enjoy diving around the reef, and even feed fish underwater. The second dive is equally as exciting and lasts for roughly 20 minutes.

  • Arriving back to Hotel in Marmaris
  • We'll arrive in Marmaris by 17:00. After our trip, we provide complimentary vehicle transportation to your hotel. You can get to your accommodation before the afternoon is over. There are various other things to do throughout the day, such as snorkelling, swimming, or simply relaxing on the deck and basking in the sun. If none of your friends is interested in diving with you, they can stay aboard and participate in additional activities.

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