Marmaris Quad-Bike Safari




Marmaris Quad-Bike Safari Tour is another thrilling adventure for those who are adventurous! Participants experience a thrilling thrill when they ride their quads through muddy and dusty roads and the waterways of the rolling countryside. The quad safari is a thrilling adventure that gives you complete enjoyment and excitement while having fun.
Marmaris Quad-Bike Safari Tour begins with hotel transfers for free using our most luxurious vehicles. The tour location is only a few kilometres distant from Marmaris town. The area for touring located on the northern side of Marmaris is beautiful with pine-covered forests and is ideal for quad safaris.

  • Marmaris Quad-Bike Safari Tour
  • This safari tour offers endless fun for 2 hours. But you must responsibly take the tour to avoid an undesirable incident. Our professional quad drivers serve as professional tour guides. They make sure that you travel in the designated tracks during the safari and not be lost. They direct the group and guarantee the safety of the entire group. Before the tour begins, all participants are informed about the itinerary. The presentation includes information regarding safety measures, followed by a few demonstration rides that allow participants to become familiar with the specific vehicles. The entire quad safari is conducted in a forest free from public interference. So, you don't need to have a permit to drive the quad. Our experienced crew will capture photos and videos of you enjoying the ride. You can also purchase these as memory for your tour.
    We created our unique track to provide a thrilling experience to the rider. You'll thoroughly enjoy the journey as we ride through various terrains, including dirt tracks, muddy slopes, as well as water streams and obstacles-filled ways. We have two types of quad bikes. One is designed for one person, and the other is designed for two people. Children are invited to join their parents on this thrilling excursion.

  • Instructions
  • On this tour/activity, there will be a representative from our agency, who will provide the complete directions and details about the tour. If you have additional questions, please use our contact form and ask us any questions you may have. Be sure to follow the rules and guidelines to ensure your safety.

  • Safe Boxes or Lockers
  • On this tour, you will have lockers or safety deposit boxes for you. You can store valuable personal items and items in the lockers.

  • All pieces of equipment
  • On this trip, we will supply all equipment to use the equipment. The instructors will also give an in-depth explanation of how to utilize these tools. To ensure your safety, be sure to follow the guidelines and rules given to you by your instructors.

  • Free Hotel Transfer
  • When you book our travel services on the internet, Hotel transfer services are at no cost! We can arrange free hotel transfers in our cleanest and most comfortable vehicles. When any pre-arranged tours begin, we're waiting with our car to meet you at the main entrance to the hotel that you stay at. When you are done with your tour, we will ensure that you return to your home with ease and safety.
    The Otel transfer services are available to hotels within Marmaris & Icmeler. If you're on the other from Marmaris and Icmeler, you must inform us of this as there may be an additional charge to transfer you.

  • Arriving at the Track & Instructions
  • We offer the Marmaris Quad-Bike Safari tour, a half-day excursion through Marmaris' hinterlands. The location of the tour is 15 km north of Marmaris town. Before the safari tour starts, we select the participants enrolled in this thrilling adventure from their hotels.

  • Making use of it. Quad Bikes
  • When we reach the quad safari location, it is followed by a short instruction on how to handle the quad bikes and safety guidelines one should adhere to while on this journey.
    Demonstration rides follow it. This short lesson will help you understand the capabilities of the bikes and the best way to navigate them safely.

  • Ride Your Quad Bike
  • After a quick demo session, we're ready to embark on our exciting Quad Safari Ride! The all-terrain path through the muddy and wooded area is specifically designed for this continuous and intense tour. The bikes are maintained and prepared properly to give you an enjoyable ride through the countryside. Our professional crew members are with you like the tails of the back of the convoy to make sure that you don't get lost along unmarked trails in the forest.

  • Tour Ends & Cleaning up
  • Two hours after continuous racing along the wet and muddy track, you're sweaty and exhausted too. When you've finished the trip, you'll be able to take advantage of the showers located in the area. It is the perfect time to wash your dirty clothes, and you can put on spare clothes.

  • Transfer back to the Hotel
  • The tour is almost over, and we're preparing to go home to Marmaris. We plan to take our guests off at their hotels in our spacious and well-maintained vehicles. Hotel transfers are free and included in the price of the tour. This service is available for free.

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