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Marmaris can provide one-of-a-kind and memorable outdoor activities since it has some of the best natural beauties in Turkey. If you want to see Marmaris' countryside and experience its natural beauty, Marmaris River Rafting is the ideal excursion. This trip is also a fantastic opportunity to experience a unique, adrenaline-pumping adventure. Marmaris River Rafting will improve your holiday experiences while leaving a lasting impression on you. Marmaris Rafting Tour is an exciting and challenging experience that you won't forget when visiting Turkey. Dalaman River's streams may reach a water level of 4. Apart from the thrilling river excursion, the beautiful backdrop with pines, stone cliffs, and the river flowing through the canyon will undoubtedly captivate you. This full-day tour has a duration of about 12 hours and gives you a fantastic chance to spend a day in nature's cradle! Everyone can experience the thrill of white water rafting in Turkey. The excitement begins when you wake up and are picked up from your hotel in Marmaris by a smooth, air-conditioned vehicle. The starting point of the river trip is located on the Dalaman River, which is around 2 hours away from Marmaris. We stop for a buffet breakfast as soon as we arrive at the rafting centre, and our expert instructors give us any necessary instructions.
The breakfast spread is an excellent choice for both healthy and energizing food. Make sure to take pleasure in the calm atmosphere and view some breathtaking sceneries during breakfast.
Marmaris Rafting Tour
The first stop is for breakfast. Following the meal, an overview presentation takes place. The rafting instructors will go through everything you need to know about this experience with you. More precisely, they will explain how to act in the boat and use safety equipment properly. There are no concerns if this Rafting is your first time on a river. It's also worth noting that there is no requirement for previous expertise since we will clearly explain everything.
The instructors organize the people into groups and assign a professional instructor. While you're floating down the river, instructors work with the group to keep it together and operate as a single unit.
We get you acclimated to your team before starting the Rafting excursion. Allows you to enjoy the river fully since it's a team sport, and it will be a more enjoyable, collaborative and successful experience. It is also a great option to make new friends, ideal for a fun group activity for solo travellers.
As you board the inflatable kayak, your guide will take a seat at the front of the craft. There will be an instructor guide for every rafting boat during this portion of the trip. In general, you'll spend three hours on the river on a course that is 14 kilometres long, so get ready for an excellent and thrilling experience.
White Water Rafting Tour
The scenery will amaze you as soon as you enter the region. You'll feel like you're in a real jungle with beautiful flora and fauna. The adventure will continue into the activity, including river rafting through tricky waters, passing through physical challenges, and getting wet inside your boat. Between the rapids, you'll be able to see and enjoy nature's beauty. River Rafting is also a fantastic method to increase collaboration and enthusiasm within your team. As previously said, the excursion lasts almost 3 hours.
However, we provide several rest periods during the trip so that you may relax and enjoy the breathtaking views of the stone cliffs, lush greenery with pine trees, and rushing white water below. In addition, midway through the experience, you will have a lunch break at a local restaurant on the river's bank, and the meal includes an open buffer with delectable and freshly cooked meals.
The Dalaman River's currents are classified as Level-4 and suitable for everyone, even those barely familiar with rafters. Our professional rafting instructors will be there to lead and assist you on the trip down the river, in addition to providing all of the necessary safety equipment.
Our Marmaris Rafting Trip on the Dalaman River is an exciting activity led by skilled professionals. Your Marmaris River Rafting trip will come to a close, and our team members will drive you back to your hotel in Marmaris. You'll be full of energy as soon as you return to your hotel, with a unique combination of feelings and memories.

  • Instructions
  • In this trip/activity, a member of our firm will walk you through every step and ensure you with all information about the excursion or event. If you have any more questions, please utilize the contact us link to ask them. Please observe the rules and instructions for your protection.

  • Tour Guide
  • Our Guide will help you learn about the places.
    Get Marmaris Tours will arrange great guided tours to all the places in Marmaris. Our professional guides at your service are holders of master degrees from some of Turkey's most successfully universities.
    They have immense knowledge of the landscape, history, culture and society of the places they accompany you. And, they are well-trained to impart their know-how with you in a very pleasing manner. Apart from passing on the unique knowledge of any site, tour guides suggest to you 'things to do' or 'not to do.'

  • Bus Drive
  • We have some of the area's best-kept vehicles. We provide the finest possible transfer services during your stay with us, thanks to our well-maintained and pleasant buses. Your safety is the priority, and we regularly check with our cars to ensure that they are clean and follow all necessary safety standards. All of our air-conditioned buses are driven by qualified and experienced drivers; furthermore, all of ours are fully covered.

  • All types of equipment
  • We will supply all of the equipment you'll need on this trip. Your instructors will go over how to use these instruments with you in detail. Please observe the instructions and restrictions given to you by your instructors for your safety.

    Marmaris Rafting Itinerary

  • Arriving in Dalaman River & Breakfast
  • Our Rafting in Marmaris begins with a hotel pickup at about 7:30 am. After a 90-minute journey, we arrive at the Dalaman River base camp. An open buffet breakfast kind of cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, boiled eggs, black and green olives, variety of jams, pine honey and butter; coffee and tea as drinks is waiting for you; after breakfast, we begin with the preparations and instruction for the rafting trip.

  • Instructions
  • After breakfast, our instructors at the base camp provide you with some crucial information about our river journey. This session includes video presentations of previous rafting excursions. Our visitors are given all the necessary information on what to do or what not to do for their trip.

  • Drive to the Mountains
  • We leave our base camp and travel up the mountains on minibuses, as well as the necessary gear. The trek up the hills takes around an hour. We are now at elevations far above sea level to begin our kayaking adventure.

  • Getting Familiar with Your Team
  • It's time to get to know your team and practice with them. Because you must work as a team to steer the boat, our river trip is an essential aspect. Our professional guide stays on each rafting boat, our inflatable tubes with guests of 8 to 10 in a group paddle the roughs. The instructor is also in command of the group. Our skilled instructors provide all of the knowledge regarding whitewater rafting for the team.

  • Rafting Details
  • Rafting is a real adventure and great fun when you enjoy it with your family or friends. The rafting runs for approx 3 hours in the Dalaman River. We will have short breaks, and you can use this time for rest and admire the beautiful scenery around.

  • Lunch
  • After the excellent rafting tour, you can change your clothes and wear your dry clothes. Then, we will go to the restaurant for our open buffet lunch. This will be late lunch because the time averages 16:00.

  • Back to Marmaris
  • We plan to arrive in Marmaris at around 7:00 pm. When we come to Marmaris, we arrange for safe and comfortable hotel transfers to help our guests reach their hotels in time.

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