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We offer our Marmaris Dalyan tour (Turtle Beach) is, a full-day excursion, and you require the most well-equipped boats for travelling for that long. We can arrange the trip on one of our top three-storey boats, with sunbeds on the terrace. The lower level has chairs, tables and modern amenities like showers and toilets maintained to their highest standards. Two bars are well-stocked.The tour begins in the morning as we will pick you up from your hotel at approximately 8:30 am. We travel in our comfortable cars to the Marmaris Harbor, where our boat is waiting for you. The crystal clear waters and crystal-clear blue sky are an ideal backdrop for our voyage to start. The journey via boat between Marmaris to Dalyan takes about two and two-and-a-half hours. In the process, we stopped on Kizilkum Bay for a swim lasting over 30 minutes.

Turtle Beach

There are many beautiful places to visit. Dalyan National Park hosts some of the most beautiful spots, such as those at Iztuzu Beach, a 7 km long narrow strip of sand that separates from the Mediterranean Sea and the fresh waters of Koycegiz Lake. It is possible to enjoy swimming in both sections of water on the beach. If you're lucky enough to get there, you could be able to watch the Loggerhead Turtles swim by or walk right by! These two spots add a new attraction for this Marmaris Dalyan Tour. From Dalyan, we travel to the site near the ancient Lycian temple Tombs of Kaunos on smaller canal vessels. The tour guides who accompany you describe the historical significance of the place. From here, we can access Dalyan's thermal baths in Dalyan. Bathing in mud in these hot pools is believed to make your appearance younger. After enjoying a soak in the mud, cleanse yourself in the showers and enjoy a drink at the nearby cafeteria. After visiting these two spots, We expect to be at Marmaris at 19:30 later in the night. Dalyan, located in the Mugla Province in Turkey, is a tranquil town along the banks of the River Dalyan. It has been unspoiled by the passage of time and was host to several ancient civilizations. It boasts a beautiful 7 km long beach line that separates the seawaters from the Mediterranean and the freshwater from the Koycegiz Lake. Dalyan's stunning Iztuzu Beach has earned a reputation as one of the top beaches across Europe. It is known as the "Turtle Beach with the Golden Sand" the beach is one of the most renowned breeding grounds for the threatened Caretta Caretta (Loggerhead) turtles. The mud baths in Dalyan and the old Lycian temple tombs in Kaunos are among the other well-known tourist spots close by. When you join the Marmaris Dalyan Tour, you'll be able to see these natural beauty spots in person.

  • Mud Baths in Dalyan
  • The mud baths of Dalyan are high in sulphur, and they contain minerals that nourish and rejuvenate your skin. The regular treatments will tighten the skin reduce wrinkles, and it is believed that the mud baths at Dalyan can make you appear older by 10 years! After taking the mud baths in these pools, you'll need to be allowed to rest for a few minutes until the mud is dry down, and then is the time to wash off the mud from Hot springs. There are shower facilities close to the spa and toilets, a cafeteria and a restroom.

  • The Hot Springs
  • There are hot spring pools in the vicinity of the mud baths at Dalyan. The water temperature of 40 degrees Celsius in the spa is characterized by an unpleasant aroma of decaying eggs due to its high levels of sulfur. The water is moderately radioactive due to Radon and sulphur, calcium and iron, potassium, and other minerals. Apart from skin issues, hot springs are beneficial for arthritis, sciatica, muscle fatigue, and stomach problems.

  • Popular Tourist Attraction
  • Dalyan is among the most popular townships in the southwest of Turkey. The region around Dalyan has numerous tourist attractions and is a place that everyone can take in and admire. These include The Lycian Temple Tombs, the remains of Kaunos, Lake Koycegiz, the Iztuzu (Turtle) Beach, and the famed mud baths in Dalyan.
    The mud baths and hot springs in Dalyan are a favourite through time, beginning with the time of the Kaunos period, through the Byzantine period, and up to the present. The Dalyan area is part of the Koycegiz area of the Koycegiz - Dalyan Special Environmental Protection Area (SPA), part of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

  • Ancient Tombs in Dalyan
  • The magnificent old Lycian ancient tombs of Dalyan are a popular tourist attraction on the bank of the Dalyan River. Despite its high attraction and distinctiveness, it hasn't been a hugely popular destination other than those familiar with the area. The area has been left unspoiled from the hustle and bustle of urban life and is known for its peaceful environment.

  • A Short History
  • Kaunos is a city in the middle of Asia Minor. Kaunos was believed to have been built by the Carians between the 8th and the 9th centuries BC. It was eventually absorbed by Greek influence around the fifth century BC and then was a Roman centre, like other cities of the ancient times in Asia Minor. The settlement was in existence until the 7th century AD. This Anatolian city with a long history was an important maritime trade route. Through the ages, the city was subject to many influences, including the Persian Empire and its own Athenian League, Caria, Sparta, Rhodes, Macedonia, Ptolemaic Egypt, Pontus and then it was part of the Roman Empire. Kaunos is an edge city and has diverse cultural spheres throughout the times.

  • Turtle Beach (Iztuzu Beach)
  • Turtle Beach in Dalyan, Mugla Province of Turkey, is among the most beautiful natural attractions you'll be able to see. The 6 Km long yet narrow beach creates a natural barrier that separates the Mediterranean Sea and the freshwater delta of the Dalyan River. Iztuzu Beach, popularly known as Turtle Beach, is one of the most popular destinations for those who enjoy the natural beauty and tranquillity.

  • A Protected Area and a Popular Tourist Spot
  • This small strip of beach along the Mediterranean is one of the primary breeding areas of Caretta Caretta (Loggerhead) Turtles. The turtles are now listed on the IUCN Redlist as an endangered species. This is why the beach has been assigned protection status since 1988 and is now part of the Koycegiz Dalyan Special Environmental Protection Area. The area has remained nearly inaccessible due to its quiet position, and the latest conservation initiatives have helped the location remain untouched by the elements. In the same way that Iztuzu Beach became well-known for conserving turtle habitats, The area is called "Turtle Beach." Turtle Beach has earned appreciation from respected institutions as 'the Most Beautiful Beach Destination in Europe because of its popularity and the 'Best Open Space in Europe' due to its environmentally friendly method of operation.

  • Caretta Turtles (Loggerhead Turtles)
  • The biggest threat to the survival of Loggerhead Turtles begins at the point where their lives begin on the shore. The turtles emerge from the water to lay eggs in the sand, and they crawl back to the ocean to begin their new lives. But, the life of turtles isn't always easy, and the majority of eggs cannot survive until they hatch. Although it is an extremely popular tourist destination, conservation and tourism are linked. Certain of the most delicate locations are not accessible to humans. Access, but visitors are permitted to go swimming in the sea or stroll along the beach in other parts of the beach. If you're lucky, you'll be able to see a Loggerhead Turtle swim or pass close by.

  • Guided Tour
  • Guided Tours certainly help you learn more about the locations you'll be visiting around Marmaris. We offer fantastic guided tours of every place that are on our list. Our certified guides and on your side have professional degrees from the most reputable universities in Turkey. They are knowledgeable of the geography and the culture, history, and the society of the areas they travel to. They're also trained to share their knowledge with you in a pleasant way. Along with imparting the specific expertise of a specific place, Our tour guides will inform you things to do' and the things not to do.

    Marmaris Dalyan Turtle Beach Tour
  • Our Boat
  • The journey will begin at about 8:30 in the morning, with our driver escorting you from the hotel where your choose to our vessel at the harbour. Then, we embark on our cruise along the Mediterranean Sea with a sight of endless crystal clear blue waters ahead and an unobstructed blue sky to the top. The trip to Dalyan is two hours by our boat. Our three-storey boat is outfitted with modern amenities, showers, and toilets, too. On the upper level, there are sunbeds. Additionally, the bars on the boat are open throughout the day, serving unlimited drinks. Swim Break on the way.
    While on our boat trip to Dalyan, We stop for about 40 minutes at the tranquil Kizilkum Bay and let you relax in the tranquil waters of the bay.

  • Arrival at Dalyan & Lunch Break
  • We continue on our boat trip and make it to Dalyan around mid-day. We prepare and serve meals onboard as the main story unfolds in Dalyan.

  • Visiting the Turtle Beach
  • After lunch, we head to Turtle Beach, where we stop for around 90 minutes. There you can swim and explore the area. It is a protected beach because it is among the most pristine breeding areas for the endangered Loggerhead Turtle species. Certain areas of the beach are restricted to human access. It is believed that Turtle Beach is regarded as one of the most stunning beaches in Europe. If they're lucky to be there, you may see turtles swimming around or walking through.
    Transfer to canal boats and start sailing
    Following a visit to Turtle Beach, we transfer our guests on tiny canal boats. You can cruise through the reeds that appear like the maze on these specially-designed canal vessels. Stop in front of Temple Tombs.
    Dalyan is famous for the old Lycian rock tombs on Kaunos that date to 400 BC. We stop before them for photos. Our tour guide will give specific information on these old tombs.

  • Visiting the Mud Baths
  • Dalyan's thermal baths make for you a more enjoyable experience on this excursion. They can smell bad due to the sulfur dissolving in them, but having fun and bathing in the hot mud baths can benefit your overall health. Mud bathing can make you appear like you're 10 years older! After a fun soak in the mud, you can make use of the showers to cleanse your body and enjoy a snack at the cafeteria nearby.

  • Return to Marmaris
  • After the excursion, we head to the back of our vessel and return to Marmaris. We organize to take our guests to their hotels using our hotel shuttle service for free. It's a long and tiring day of travel through land and sea amid some of the unexplored regions in the region. Although we will take all care to finish the tour within the set timeframe, there could be delays caused by weather conditions and the conditions at sea.

  • Free Hotel Transfer
  • If you purchase our travel services on the internet, Our hotel transfer services are at no cost! We organize hotel transfers in our cleanest and most comfortable vehicles. When any scheduled tours start, we're ready with our car to take you up right at the main entrance to the hotel that you stay at. After our tour, we will ensure that you get back to your home with ease and safety.
    The hotel transfer services include hotels that are located in Marmaris & Icmeler. If you're staying outside from Marmaris and Icmeler, you must inform us of this as there may be an additional cost to arrange the transport.

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