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We offer our Marmaris Safari Buggy tour as an unforgettable experience for those with a strong heart! While the buggies travel along the all-terrain trail through the breathtaking countryside, guests on tour are treated to the thrill of a lifetime and never-ending adventure. The safari tour is an exciting adventure that simultaneously offers you complete enjoyment and excitement. Don't forget to sign up for this tour when you are in Marmaris on your vacation. Transfers are free and are part of the Marmaris Buggy Safari Tour from your hotels. The location for the buggy safari is 15 kilometres from Marmaris town. When we collect you up from the hotel, we will reach the spot in less than 20 minutes.
Tour, participants are given a briefing on the itinerary and safety rules one should be aware of during the tour. An experienced ride then follows the tour to become acquainted with the special vehicles. The whole safari is conducted in a protected forest, away from any interference from the public. It is not necessary to get a license to drive a buggy. As you enjoy riding on the bike, the experienced team will take your pictures and videos. After the tour, you will choose to purchase souvenirs from the tour as souvenirs.
Our unique all-terrain track was designed to provide you with pure excitement and adventure throughout the safari. When you take the buggy on the all-terrain trail with streams, muddy slopes and dirt paths, You'll have the chance to experience one of the most memorable experiences that you'll ever have! Kids can join their parents on this exciting excursion. We're sure you'll be able to remember this tour for a long time and suggest it to your family and friends due to the sheer excitement on offer.

  • Free Hotel Transfer
  • If you purchase our travel services on the internet, Hotel transfer services are at no cost! We organize hotel transfers using our most well-maintained and comfortable vehicles. If scheduled tours start, we will be waiting with our car to take you up right at the main entrance to the hotel that you stay at. After your tour, we will ensure that you return to your hotel safely and comfortably.
    The hotel transfer services include hotels only located in Marmaris & Icmeler. If you're staying outside from Marmaris or Icmeler, you must call us to discuss the possibility of there being an additional cost to transfer you.

  • Instructions
  • On this tour/activity, you will meet with a member of our agency, who will provide you with detailed instructions and other information regarding the excursion. If you have additional questions, please use the contact us link to ask us any questions you might have. Follow the rules and directions to ensure your safety.

  • Safe Boxes or Lockers
  • On this trip, there will be lockers and safety deposit boxes for you so that you can store your personal and valuable belongings in lockers.

  • All Equipment
  • In this course, all the necessary equipment will be available to you use the equipment. Your instructors will also provide you with detailed instructions on utilizing these tools. To ensure your security, you must follow the guidelines and rules given to you by your instructors.

    Marmaris Buggy Safari Tour Itinerary
  • Arriving at the Track & Instructions
  • The Marmaris Buggy Safari is an exciting half-day excursion through the countryside around Marmaris. The action location is only 15 km from the northern part of Marmaris. It is also where the quad safari is held. The buggy is used instead of the quad. Before the safari in a buggy commences, we make arrangements to select the participants who are enrolled in this thrilling adventure from their hotels. The duration of the buggy safari trip is four hours. Four sessions of the buggy safari take every day. The first session begins at 10:00 am.

  • Instructions and Getting used to Buggy Cars
  • When you arrive at the safari spot, you will first see a brief meeting where the guides guide you on riding the buggies and teach you the most important safety tips. You must adhere to these guidelines when riding a buggy. The short demo session can help you to get an idea of the buggy bike and also help you to learn how to handle these bikes safely.

  • Marmaris Buggy Safari for 2 Hours
  • After a brief demo ride, it's time to get started on your Buggy Safari ride! The all-terrain track winds through springs, woods and the muddy area. Our team created the thrilling buggy ride along the multi-terrain tracks to provide you with an endless adventure and pure excitement. All buggy bikes are kept in good condition to ensure you have a fun journey over two hours. Our crew members are professional and follow you along with the group to ensure you adhere to the designated tracks through the forest.

  • Cleaning Up At the End of the Tour
  • The two hours of continuous buggy rides along the muddy and wet track can leave you sweaty and a bit tired. It is possible to use the showers located in the area to cleanse your clothes at the end of the trip. There you can wash your dirty clothes and wear the new clothes you've brought for spare.

  • Transfer back to the Hotel
  • After washing yourself and taking a relaxing bath, the trip is nearly over, and we're ready to go returning to Marmaris. We can arrange hotel transfers with our comfortable and well-maintained vehicles that will take you off at the place where you'll be staying. Hotel transfers are free and included in the price of the tour.

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