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Marmaris Aegean Islands Boat Trip is an all-inclusive package worth trying at least once. The trip is organized and includes transportation to the hotel for lunch, drinks, and entertainment onboard. The tour starts at 9:00 am. The tour about 8 hours.
Marmaris has numerous tiny islands scattered along its coastline. They are famous for their beauty, their culture and rich history. Marmaris Aegean Islands Boat Trip starts with a cruise starting from Orhaniye, from where our boat will be waiting for our guests. Then we travel to Semiliye and then take a swimming break in the gorgeous Hidden Bay. The lush greenery and natural surroundings around the area are amazing. The area isn't easily accessible and has remained tranquil without much human interaction.
The next break for us to swim is on Kamelya Island. It is a longer swim break, where guests can enjoy deliciously and traditional Turkish lunch. Kamelya Island is known for its ancient Greek monastery. After lunch, we head onto The Rabbit Island, stop there for a few minutes to feed the rabbits, and take photos of the island. Then, we head for Dislice (Toothy) Island. The island was previously named Lovers' Islands. The island's unique design appears like a monument made from volcanic rocks! The next step is to move on towards The Aquarium Bay. The crystal clear waters of Aquarium Bay is an amazing experience.
On the Marmaris Aegean Islands Boat Trip, we also stop at Jesus Beach. Jesus Beach is one amazing place that you will be captivated by when you visit. The experience of walking over an elevated seabed that is surrounded by knee-deep water and an emerald-blue sea that runs along both sides is unforgettable. After you have visited Jesus Beach, we help our guests get to their hotel by providing a comfortable shuttle service to hotels. Book Now Online Save Your Time & Money.

  • Jesus Beach (Kizkumu Beach)
  • Jesus Beach, located at the Orhaniye Bay, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the vicinity of Marmaris. The trip to the beach is about one hour from Marmaris (36 kilometres south-west to Marmaris). This beautiful beach is 2.5 km far from Turgut village. The Orhaniye village has grown into an important tourist attraction within The Hisaronu Gulf. The yachts that anchor in the gulf have their night in Orhaniye. The natural environment surrounding Orhaniye is stunning with beautiful scenery, including beautiful beaches, a tranquil sea, and pine forests.

  • Walking On the Sea!
  • The most memorable experience at Kizkumu Beach in Orhaniye is walking by the sea! Here are the world's natural wonders, with the sandy wall rising from the ocean and dividing the gulf into two more deep parts. At any time, you can traverse this 600 meters long and 2 to 3 meters wide shelf, with less than knee-deep water. In addition, it is possible to relax on the beach, play on the beach, swim in the sea and take part in water sports that vacationers organize in the vicinity.

  • The Legend of the Jesus Beach
  • Kizkumu in Turkish refers to the maiden's beach'. There are many myths associated with the beach. One legend states that the daughter of the Bybassos King was in the affections of the fisherman. The king, somehow, noticed this and was unable to accept the relationship. The daughter would not budge either and would often be with her lover in secret on the shore of the small bay. The king had once instructed his troops to capture each of them and kill the fisherman if they were to be reunited.
    The soldiers once followed the princess, pursued her, and attempted to capture the lovers. However, the princess ran away, and in a rush to save her lover, she ran towards the sea. The sea changed into sand everywhere she ran and then turned back into the water as soldiers pursued her. One soldier aimed an arrow towards the fisherman, but it struck the princess in error. The blood dripped out, and the sea area became red immediately.

  • Our Boats
  • Get Marmaris Tours has 4 boats within its fleet and works with the top suppliers in the town in need. The boats we utilize are well-equipped and maintained. Each one comes with modern showers and toilets, which you can use throughout the trip. We adhere to the highest standards of safety and health rules in Turkey. Our boats are insured and regularly checked by the Turkish Coast Guard. We have traditional 3 or 2 decked boats to take boat tours every day throughout the town. Upstairs, we have sunbeds that allow you to enjoy the sun's rays during the daylight hours. Downstairs, we have benches and tables that serve as a lunch menu. The guests who aren't fans of the day's heat can also take advantage of the shaded downstairs.

  • All-Inclusive Tour
  • It is an all-inclusive tour provided through Get Marmaris Tours. In this tour, all beverages and meals are included in the package, which means you won't have to spend any additional. The complete information regarding drinks and food choices, both included or not, are provided on the page by itself. Be aware that the information mentioned on the tour's page will be sent to you when you make your reservation. We will write the details on the voucher for your tour.

  • Non Swimmers Welcomed
  • Non-swimmers are also welcome on the board. There is no requirement to be a great swimmer to participate in this excursion. There are life jackets and noodles available for non-swimmers. You can make use of these without cost. We have a huge ladder located at the rear of the boat, which you can get between the boat and your home. Non-swimmers are welcome to join the excursion with confidence.

  • Free Hotel Transfer
  • When you book our travel services on the internet, Hotel transfer services are at no cost! We organize hotel transfers in our cleanest and most comfortable vehicles. If a pre-arranged tour starts, we're prepared with our vehicle to take you right to the main entrance to the hotel that you are staying at. After your tour, we will ensure that you safely and comfortably return to your home. The Otel transfer services are available to hotels within Marmaris & Icmeler. If you're staying outside from Marmaris and Icmeler, you must call us to discuss the possibility of there being an additional charge to transfer you.

  • Transfer From Marmaris to Orhaniye
  • Orhaniye is only 30 minutes from Marmaris. After collecting our guests from their hotels, we transport them to Orhaniye. A traditional Turkish boat is waiting for our guests at this port.

  • Hidden Bay at Selimiye (30 minutes of swimming break)
  • Our first swimming location is Selimiye which is also known by the name of Hidden Bay. It is not accessible by road; it is only accessible by boat. The surrounding area is peaceful and unaffected by urbanization. The greenery is stunning around.

  • Kamelya Island (1-hour lunch break and swimming break)
  • Kamelya Island is a very special island, with fascinating remains of an ancient Greek Monastery. Many people visit the island, make a wish, tie ribbons and pray to fulfil their desires. The turquoise blue waters around the island is a great attraction. After a refreshing swim that lasts about an hour, we're waiting for a delicious local delicious meal for you.

  • Rabbit Island (10 minutes picture break)
  • Our next stop is Rabbit Island. This tiny island is home to rabbits. We stay for a few minutes here and allow you to take pictures of them and feed them, too.

  • Toothy Rocks (30-minute break for swimming)
  • The rocks that make up the island look like teeth arranged in rows. This island is an uncommon small island formed by the amalgamation of massive volcanic eruptions. The island is situated at the centre of the Aegean Sea; it is a fascinating place to take a dip.

  • Aquarium Bay (30 minutes swimming break)
  • The waters around the Bay are crystal-clear, and you'll feel like you were in an aquarium. The reason the locals refer to the bay Aquarium Bay. The last swim breaks for our journey before returning to Jesus Beach.

  • Visit Jesus Beach (30 minutes break)
  • Before we start our journey toward Marmaris, the last stop is at Jesus Beach. Here we will have an hour-long stop to walk along the elevated seabed that divides the deep blue sea in two! You can also relax and swim in the tranquil sea.

  • Hotel Transfer
  • After the tour, we board our shuttle bus again and then transfer passengers back to the hotel. At around 17:30, We ensure that you arrive at your hotel in Marmaris.

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