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Marmaris Go Karting is a thrilling activity for the entire family. Its Go Karting Arena is located just a few minutes from the city's centre and is open throughout the day. With eight sessions per day, you can plan your trip to the arena when you are at ease.
Everyone of any age is welcome in our go-karting area. It is played with great ease, and there is no need for any license to operate the go-kart. The vehicles can be controlled even by beginners as they travel between 40 and 60 km/h. Professionals who are more experienced can ride at speeds of over 100 km/h. We will provide you with all the required instructions and equipment for a safe and exciting go-karting experience. After having you at the race track, our team will give you the right instructions for a safe and enjoyable ride. They will assist you in choosing your go-kart and prepare with safety gear before you take off for your ride.
Marmaris Go Karting Arena is among the biggest go-karting facilities outdoors in the Marmaris region. The sport is safe, and even beginners can manage the vehicle. Karts are small cars with a single seat. You can enjoy them in a smaller arena as you participate in our go-karting experience and drive your kart around 20 times around the track. Depending on the speed that you attain, you could do 20 laps in 15 to 20 minutes. You'll remember this thrilling journey many years after you've gone back to your home! The cost of the tour of Marmaris Go Karting is inclusive of hotel transfers, complete insurance, safety equipment, instruction on how to ride the kart, and English guide services.

  • Instructions
  • On this excursion or activity, you will meet with a member of our agency, who will provide you with detailed directions about the tour. If you have additional questions, please use our contact form and ask us any questions you might have. Follow the rules and directions to ensure your safety.

  • Free Hotel Transfer
  • When you book our travel services on the internet, Our hotel transfer services are at no cost! We can arrange free hotel transfers in our cleanest and most comfortable vehicles. If prearranged tours begin, we will be waiting with our car to meet you at the main entrance to the hotel that you stay at. When you are done with our tour, we ensure that you get back to your hotel safely and comfortably.
    The hotel transfer services include hotels that are located within Marmaris & Icmeler. If you're staying outside the area of Marmaris and Icmeler, you must inform us of this as there may be an additional charge to arrange the transport.


  • All Equipment
  • In this course, all the necessary equipment will be available to you use the equipment. Your instructors will also explain how to use this equipment in-depth. To ensure your safety, you must follow the guidelines and rules given to you by your teachers.

  • Hotel Transfer
  • We offer 8 sessions of the Marmaris Go Karting Tour Program. You can choose the time you prefer to join this exciting tour. We'll take you to your hotel and take you to the go-karting area in our clean vehicles. The go-karting track is located in the centre of the city. From this, you can also take in the magnificent views of Marmaris.

  • Instructions
  • Once you are at the go-karting track, the instructors give precise instructions for riding the go-karts. They give you important tips on what to avoid doing and what not to do when driving in this area. We offer equipment to ensure you are safe while you go-karting, and instructors will provide you in using them properly. With just a bit of training and focus on the directions, All ages can participate in this thrilling sport.

  • Marmaris Go Karting
  • Following the instruction given by our instructors, and you are prepared with safety equipment, then the go karting session is set to begin. Each Go Karting Tour program session, you can go for 20 laps. Depending on your drive speed, you will complete the 20 laps in fifteen to twenty minutes. It is normal to handle Karts that are moving between 40 and 60 kmph, and professionals can even go as high as 100 km/h.

  • See Your Pictures
  • While you are enjoying the go-karting game, professional photographers in the area capture your images and film your ride. When you're done with the ride, you'll watch your videos and photos. If you like these, you can purchase them on DVD and revisit the pleasure of watching these videos and photos once you return home.

  • Transfer Back to Your Hotel
  • Every tour is about an hour. After the tour, we'll arrange for you to return to your hotel in our comfortable cars.

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