Marmaris Fishing Tour




The Marmaris Fishing Tour is scheduled regularly throughout the day. Contrary to many other fishing trips, our fishing tours generally occur in the 30 minutes of our Marmaris harbor. With more time spent on the water, you stand a chance to catch the most memorable catch of your life. Our specially designed fishing boats are fully equipped with the latest equipment for fishing to ensure you maximize your time fishing on the Mediterranean.
The trip is far from the bustle of the bustling resort town; this excursion is set in the pure water that makes up the Mediterranean. You'll be amazed by the vibrant yet tranquil scene surrounding it. It is possible to see fishing lines move across the clear, crystal-clear waters. Seagulls flit on the boat specially designed to fish. There is silence everywhere until you hear the gentle popping sound of the fish grasping the bait. In this four-hour fascinating tour, you'll experience the true adventure of fishing Marmaris.
Our crew and the captain on board are experienced in the art of catching the finest fish you can imagine. They can select the best fishing locations and ensure you enjoy your time out. Our specially made boats to accommodate Marmaris Fishing Trip are equipped with the latest fishing equipment, including sonars and fish finders. We supply you with all other equipment, including fishing rods, baits, and safety equipment. Our skilled staff and modern equipment will help you catch some impressive fish. Fishing with your loved ones can be very enjoyable. We suggest bringing your children and your family along for the Marmaris Fishing Tour. People who do not want to go fishing can lounge upstairs, sit down in the shade and enjoy the stunning scenery around. Sea Bass, Leer Fish, Red Mullet, Grey Mullet, Bonito, Blue Fish are just a few of the most common fish found in the region.

  • Instructions
  • On this tour/activity, there will be a representative from our agency, who will provide the complete directions and details about the tour. If you have any additional questions, please use our contact form and inquire about any concerns you may have. Follow the rules and guidelines for your safety.

  • All Equipment
  • In this course, all the necessary equipment will be available to you use the equipment. The instructors will also give you detailed instructions on using this equipment. To ensure your security, you must follow the rules and regulations provided to you by your instructors.

  • Free Hotel Transfer
  • If you purchase our travel services on our website, Our hotel transfer services are at no cost! We organize hotel transfers in our cleanest and most comfortable vehicles. When any pre-arranged tours begin, we will be waiting with our car to take you right to the main entry point of the hotel you are staying in. When you are done with your tour, we ensure that you get back to your home with ease and safety.
    The hotel transfer services include hotels only within Marmaris & Icmeler. If you're on the other from Marmaris or Icmeler, you must inform us of this as there may be an additional cost to arrange the transport.


  • Transfer From Hotels to Harbour
  • This Marmaris Fishing Tour begins with hotel transfers that are well-maintained, well-kept vehicles. We will pick you up from the hotels at Marmaris or Icmeler and take you towards the harbor. Our specially designed boat is anchored in the Marmaris harbor and awaits your arrival.

  • Finding the Best Fishing Spots
  • When we sail out of Marmaris Harbour, we try to locate the best spots to fish. The captain aboard is well-aware of the top fishing locations throughout the Mediterranean. He ensures that we visit some of the most popular fishing spots and get sure you get the best out of your sail experience.

  • Our company has the most advanced equipment and Experience.
  • Our crew is well-versed in fishing and has a clear knowledge of the behavior of fish at different times of the year. They are aware of the most suitable places to fish in the region. We are equipped with the latest technology such as sonar and fish finder aboard. We intend to catch fish in the ocean, and we do not let anything go to the chance. We draw on the Experience and expertise of our team and the equipment we use to make sure that we get the most impressive catch. We cannot guarantee the amount of fish you will catch; however, even when you don't have previous experience in fishing, we ensure you do catch one!

  • Fishing is Fun
  • Fishing is among the most primitive human activities. When we take you on a fishing trip, we use the latest and most efficient modern equipment for fishing to allow you to get the most enjoyment from your fishing trip with us. Fishing as a team can be really enjoyable. It's a great family activity too. Be sure to join our fishing trip with your loved ones. Even non-fishing guests are welcome aboard. Children can also take part in our fishing excursion.

  • Retun back to Marmaris.
  • After the fishing trip, we return to the Marmaris harbor after the fishing adventure. We will take the guests back to their hotels on the shuttle bus.

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