Marmaris JEEP Safari




Our comfortable vehicles are in excellent working order and are regularly serviced. On a mountain overlooking the town, everyone can enjoy this beautiful journey through tranquil countryside. Our fascinating Marmaris Jeep Safari allows visitors of all ages to participate, and the trip is open to children, teenagers, and seniors alike. The actual tour location is only a few kilometres from Marmaris. Our well-maintained vehicles, which range from 5 to 10 cars in line, form a caravan behind one another. We're not racing today, but we drive in an organized manner (within 50 km/h) across muddy paths between the towering mountains. Our jeep safari's route includes the pine forests, off-road area, waterfall, dirtier tracks, Jesus beach, and anything else our vehicles can traverse! The stunning environment will highlight this unforgettable day as our professional drivers fly over the mountainous routes. Don't forget to capture some images of this glorious day. We take you on a tour of the interior villages adjacent to our Marmaris Jeep Safari, where we provide an exquisite lunch cooked by residents. The distinct native flavour of our jeep safari meal makes it very popular, and we are confident that you will enjoy this food and remember the taste for a long time! Our journey continues among the countryside of Marmaris, with additional sights to see. The jeep safari surpasses the road once more, crossing through various dirt, dusty, and asphalt roads.

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